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61-81 Clarinda Road



Construct, Dangerous Goods Facilities and Warehouse

Construct, Dangerous Goods Facilities and Warehouse


Oakleigh South

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This is a sustainably designed head office. The new design incorporated natural lighting, sustainable building materials, efficient utilities including solar pre-heated water and rainfall run off for toilets. Landscaping involved over 3500 native drought tolerant plants, watered through run off from the warehouse roof. The new build also included substantial warehouse expansion. New warehousing and a blending facility were specified for the safe storage, handling and distribution of dangerous goods classified and other products. This consisted of the construction of two factories for the purposes of Felton Grimwade and Bosisto’s productions that is focussed on the distilling of Eucalyptus Oil. Included in the construction of the building is Mixing and blending rooms, Laboratory and Warehouse, 10,000 litre underground water tank, symphonic drainage and dangerous goods facility 

  • Location: 61-81 Clarinda Road Oakleigh South
  • Completion date: September 2008
  • Client: Felton Grimwade & Bosistos, Marshall, Business Development Manager, FGB Natural Projects
  • Architect: CDA Design Group